ARCHICAD training

1. Advance tools for your design

Curtain wall 



2. Documentation




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1. Get your ARCHICAD Education license

Go to, and select “Student” and complete registration. Download ARCHICAD 22 International version and install. You will receive 30-day serial number right away. In order to get a 1-year license, you need to fill out the form on MyARCHICAD and wait for the approval. (you can re-enter the new serial number to extend your license)

Before you install, make sure that your PC satisfies the ARCHICAD 22 system requirement.

2. Watch ARCHICAD introduction videos

ARCHICAD 21 – Tutorial for Beginners

ARCHICAD 22 – Make terrain

ARCHICAD 22 – Prepare a grid system

ARCHICAD 22 – Story settings

ARCHICAD 22 – Draw walls (structural and partition)

ARCHICAD 22 – Draw doors

ARCHICAD 22 – Add windows

ARCHICAD 22 – Roof (creating and trimming roof)

Do you have a question(s)? Please send your question to